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Vanilla Soy Milk

How to Make Vanilla Soy Milk at Home


It is very easy to make vanilla soy milk at home. Actually, you can make various flavors of soy milk depending on your preferences. You can even make use of fresh fruit juice and this can also be a great past time or hobby whenever you have nothing to do at home. Making soy milk can be a great income opportunity especially to those who preferred to stay at home.


On the other hand, in making vanilla soy milk, you have to prepare the following: 125 grams of whole soy beans to make a liter of soy milk, vanilla flavor mix or other flavor that you want to add in your soy mix, sugar, and other solid foods. You have to make sure that everything is prepared from the ingredients and materials needed to make things easier and handy for you.


You have to crack the soya beans before you can immerse and soak the soy beans in a bowl all night. You can take away the hulls of the soy beans and clean with water the hulls. By taking away the hulls, it made the extraction procedure more competent. After this, you should heat the soya beans but this is optional. Because when you heat this soya beans there are instances that the enzymes are ruined which is liable for the maturity of beany taste. But you can have an alternative by using the microwave to heat the soya beans which are still wet soaked.


Next step is the grinding of saturated soya beans in a blender with 1 liter water. Strain the combination with a cheese cloth and get the soya milk. Then, you have to simmer the soy milk in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. You have to cool it down and put inside the fridge for 3 days.


After that, you can now put flavoring to your soy milk which is again optional. You can even drink your soy milk and improve its taste by putting some salt. With this, you can easily create your own soy milk. You can now put the vanilla flavor to make delicious vanilla soy milk.

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