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Vodka Raspberry

How to Make Your Own Vodka Raspberry Infused

Raspberry Vodka is an easy to make fruit infused vodka that you can find for sale in stores or make in your own kitchen. It is sweeter flavored vodka, but the raspberry is not overpowering in the spirit. It can give cocktails and mixed drinks a special twist and is simple enough to mix with just a citrus soda like Sprite. Sometimes buying flavored vodka at the store can be expensive, so to make it at home can save you money, especially if you love how fruit infused vodkas taste.


To make raspberry infused vodka at home, you will need a bottle of vodka, four pints of raspberries, a coffee filter and a glass bottle that can be sealed closed. It is best to use fresh raspberries and not frozen ones. Try to make sure that the berries are in season as well. You will want to buy berries that have had the hulls taken out; otherwise the resulting flavor will be more tart than sweet. You can use the type of vodka that you prefer and that fits in your budget. Some vodka will have a smoother taste than others, but the raspberries will mix well with many different types of vodka. 


Put the raspberries into a resalable glass container after washing them. Add the vodka, stir the mixture, and then seal the container. Keep the container sealed in a warm, dry place. Open it only to mix once every few days and taste it to be sure the taste and flavor that you want is reached. You can also remove the raspberries and replace them if they become too overripe. Once the mixture has reached the flavor that you want, pour the mixture through the coffee filter to remove the raspberries and any residue.


You can store your new raspberry infused vodka in a glass bottle or jar that has a lid that seals. It is a great gift idea for you to give away to family and friends. Tie a tag to the bottle or jar with ribbon and write a cocktail recipe on it for your gift recipient to use your homemade vodka in. To keep your vodka fresh, keep it refrigerated.


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