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Vodka Mandarin

Tasting Vodka Mandarin

Vodka is being infused with just about every flavor combination under the sun these days. There is cotton candy and bubblegum flavored vodkas that seem to be taking over the drinking scene. One of the most successful infused vodkas that are on the market today though is the vodka mandarin. The orange flavor inside of the vodka is crisp, refreshing and allows for a lot of mixture into other flavor profiles.

Where You Can Find Vodka Mandarin

Vodka mandarin is one of the most common flavors when it comes to vodka, so you will be able to find it virtually everywhere. This includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • Online

Many restaurants will have this vodka behind their bar because of the amount of drinks that you can make with it. Even if they don't have many flavored vodkas, this is quickly becoming a staple because of its versatility.

Liquor stores will carry vodka mandarin as well. There are a lot of crazy flavors on the market and your liquor store probably doesn't stock them all, but mandarin is a safe assumption. You will be able to find several brands that have the mandarin flavor inside so you will get to choose from your favorite brand or what's the most affordable.

Online shops are famous for having the largest varieties of everything and vodka mandarin is no exception. If you were looking for a brand that is not very common, this will likely be your best bet.

What You Can Do with Vodka Mandarin

Crisp, orange-flavored vodka can do no wrong in drinks. Any recipe that you were going to put vodka and orange juice into can now be enhanced with the vodka mandarin. There is no reason to omit the juice (though you can if you want) because the vodka will simply bring out the flavors of the juice for dominantly within the drink.

You may also choose to simply enjoy the flavor of the vodka. You can do so by pouring it right over ice and then adding either a carbonated soda or lemon-lime soda to the glass.

Remember that you are dealing with orange flavors. The sky is the limit for the number of recipes you can make with the vodka so start experimenting. Try it in a cosmopolitan, make a martini out of it or just pour it into some orange juice. Any way you drink it will be delicious.

Making Your Own Vodka Mandarin

If you really want to impress your guests the next time you have a party, you can make your own vodka mandarin. The vodka is infused with the flavor and you can infuse it yourself. Get a bottle of your favorite vodka. You could actually get a cheaper brand if you want because the orange flavor will help hide some of the faults of the vodka. Slice a few fresh mandarin oranges and add them to a pitcher of vodka. Put the pitcher in the fridge and forget about it for a day or two. Let the oranges steep inside to release the flavors. When your party day has arrived, just take out your very own vodka mandarin for the drinks.


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