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Vodka Melon

Enjoying Vodka Melon

Vodka is being infused with all sorts of new flavors. There is no such thing as ordinary vodka anymore. Well, there is, but you will see more flavored options than anything else when you visit your local liquor store. Each brand has their own repertoire of infusions that range from the fruity to the wacky. Vodka melon is a very clean and crisp flavored vodka that can go with many different things.

What Vodka Melon Is

Vodka melon is a specialty vodka that has the flavor of melon infused into the vodka. This provides a very subtle added flavor that takes away the harsh bite of plain vodka. It also adds a little flavor without having to add a sugary syrup to obtain the flavor. When most vodka distillers call their vodka a melon flavor, they are using either honeydew or cantaloupe to get the melon flavor. It is possible to use any variety of melon and the distiller or brand will usually specify somewhere on the label which is used.

Enjoying Vodka Melon

There are many ways to enjoy vodka melon. One of the most common ways is to drink it without any complicated mix-ins. Pour a shot of the vodka into a glass over ice. Then add in soda water or lemon-lime soda. That simplicity will let you taste the flavors of the melon without overcomplicating the cocktail.

You can, of course, add more into the cocktail, including a Vodka Melon Martini. This is made by adding ice, two shots of vodka melon and one shot of Midori Melon into a cocktail shaker. Shake until the outside of the shaker is ice cold. Strain the contents into a martini glass and serve. If you've got fresh melon around, you may garnish the glass with a small slice or a frozen cube of it.


There are no rules with cocktail making. If you enjoy the flavors then you have succeeded in making a great cocktail. If you usually mix something with honeydew or cantaloupe in a fruit salad then the chances of it going well with the vodka are pretty good. You can add other flavored vodka to the concoction, turn it into a Jell-O shot or anything else you can think of.

Making Your Own Vodka Melon

You can make your own vodka melon without a whole lot of fuss. You will be able to choose which kinds of melon you want to put into the vodka as well as which kind of vodka you want to use to make it. You can even mix a few kinds of melon and use both watermelon and cantaloupe if you so desired. Cut up the fruit and add it to a pitcher. Then add a bottle of vodka. Place it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you can strain the contents over another pitcher and you've got yourself homemade vodka melon. There are special pitchers you can buy for infusing water that will also work and cut the straining step out of the equation.


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