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Checking Out Vodka Kurant

The world of vodka is growing and expanding every day as vodka companies are creating new flavor profiles for their already popular liquor. It's not enough to just make good vodka anymore. Many are now being judged by the amounts of flavors that they offer. One such flavor that is commonly being seen is Vodka Kurant. You may see several different brands offering this kurant flavor in both restaurants and liquor stores alike.

What Makes Vodka Kurant Unique

Vodka kurant is made from vodka that has been infused with black currants. Black currants can be considered a part of the grape family, if not a very distant relative. It is a dark berry that is very fragrant. It is both sweet and tart which makes it an excellent ingredient inside of vodka.


The Kurant spelling of the vodka is the way that the Absolut brand decided to introduce it back in 1992. As a result, many other vodka companies have continued with the tradition and have been offering vodka kurant since then.

The flavor speaks volumes on its own, so many bartenders and mixologists try to treat the vodka kurant with the respect that it deserves. Blending a lot of flavors into the drink will only muddle the flavor of the currant, so many leave it alone. It can be very good simply poured over ice and topped off with a lemon-lime soda or soda water. It is this way that you will be able to taste the crispness of the vodka and the sweet, tart flavor of the currant the best.

It will also be a favorite in a martini, with or without the sweet vermouth. The vodka kurant with ice added to the shaker will be sufficient. Shake it a few times to get it nice and cold and strain it into a martini glass. Garnish it with a little lime twist and you will have a delicious drink in your hand.

Where to Find Vodka Kurant

Since Absolut is a very common brand, the likelihood of finding the vodka kurant in a local liquor store is very probable. You should be able to locate it fairly easily in the vodka aisle amongst all of the other flavored vodkas. If for any reason you can't find it, you should be able to just ask the clerk.


Restaurants may or may not have it, depending upon the size of the bar. If they serve a lot of martinis or specialize in unusual cocktails, they will likely have it. If you were hoping to have it at your neighborhood chain bar and grill, though, they will probably not have it there.


Another way that you can get vodka kurant is to make it yourself. Flavored vodka is just infused vodka with a specific flavor. Head down to a local farmer's market and see if you can find some black currants. Wash them up and place them in a pitcher. Pour a bottle of vodka inside and let it sit inside of the refrigerator for a day or two. You will then have your very own.

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