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Vodka Lemon

How to Make Your Own Lemon Infused Vodka

Many types of vodka that are made with special flavors, or are infused with fruits, are very expensive. If you enjoy flavored vodkas or want to make a specialty drink for guests at a party that you are hosting, but do not want to spend too much on alcohol, it is easy to make your own fruit infused vodkas that will be just as delicious as the ones that you can find in the store.


Flavored vodkas also make great gifts for your friends and family. Vodka infused with lemons is a refreshing addition to many cocktails and can also be used in many different food recipes. If it is homemade by you, then you can be sure that the recipient of your gift of lemon infused vodka will be even more inclined to enjoy it.


You can choose different styles of bottles to put your vodka in, making each gift unique. Make sure that you choose a bottle that has a wider opening at the top, so it is easier to get the lemon peels in to the bottle. You can find glass bottles at many different home stores. If you want to try something different, look for glass bottles with tops at thrift stores or antique stores. If you but from an antique store make sure the inside of the bottle can be cleaned thoroughly.


To make your lemon vodka you will need 18 strips of lemon peels that are each two and a half inches wide, a wooden skewer, the empty bottle, and a 750-ml bottle of vodka. The type of vodka that you use depends on your personal preference and budget. Thread the lemon peel slices onto the skewer and then carefully place the skewer into the empty bottle, making sure that you do not break any of the peels. Fill the bottle with the vodka, close the bottle, and keep it in the refrigerator for at least one week, but no more than three weeks.


After a week open up the bottle and test a little of your lemon vodka. Depending on the taste you want to achieve, you can leave it in for longer or decide to give it as a gift right then. For a personal touch, add a gift tag with a specialty lemon infused vodka cocktail recipe for your gift recipient to make with their new homemade fruit infused vodka.


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