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Vanilla Liqueur

Vanilla Liqueur Can Quickly Become a Favorite


There are many different ingredients that you should have in your liquor cabinet. One of the most overlooked items can be vanilla liqueur. This is a great choice to always have on hand for so many different reasons.


One of these is that it is the perfect choice for a number of different types of drinks. There are actually eighty different drink recipes, which you can make from this one simple ingredient. In addition, you will find that there is bound to be a drink for any adult’s personal taste. 


A vanilla liqueur is vanilla flavored liquor that you can add to a variety of mixed drinks and other recipes. It is a great thing to have around to cook with as it offers unique flavors and can add a delicious new layer to ordinary foods like your favorite double chocolate chip cookies.


Typically this type of liqueur is sweet and served as an after dinner drink rather than being something that you would drink with dinner or all of the time. Vanilla liqueur is made when different fruits, flowers, plants, and chocolate are mixed with liquor prior to distilling. It is necessary with this type of liqueur to use a recipe that contains at least two percent sugar or you will not get liqueur that has the desired flavors.


There are a number of different drinks, which use vanilla liqueur. One of the most popular is the creamsicle, which aims to mimic the flavor of the favorite frozen treat that you used to get as a child from the ice cream man. The recipe for a great creamsicle is one and half ounces of vanilla liqueur, one and a half ounces of milk, and three ounces of orange juice. Some other popular drinks include the chocolatini, vanilla coke, and white rabbit to name a few.

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