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A Lesson on Lemonade

When it was first created in 16th century France, lemonade was simply a mixture of lemon juice, water, and a sweetener. Today, you can find many different types of lemonades all over the world. Many people in the United States know the classic American version, but in other countries there are different variations that you can find on this classic drink.


The classic lemonade that you will find in many places will commonly be a yellow color, but can also be pink. The recipe for lemonade is simple, however if you buy it from the store you are likely to find corn syrup added as a sweetener instead of natural sugars. This gives it just the same sweetness as sugar, but many people will debate on how healthy high fructose corn syrup actually is for you.


Lemonade in European countries is usually found in a carbonated form and the lemon juice used is usually artificial. In the United States you will find that Sprite is similar to what Europeans call lemonade. There are many other versions of the carbonated beverage that are called by many other names available in other countries. If you are travelling and prefer to have a non-carbonated version of lemonade, try asking for a lemon crush.


In recent years, an alcoholic version of lemonade has appeared and is mostly referred to as Hard Lemonade. It is basically a flavored malt beverage that has the same amount of alcohol as a beer. The hard lemonade emerged from the popularity of wine coolers, which are often referred to as the first form of “alcopop.” Mike’s Hard Lemonade was the first company who created the alcoholic version of lemonade, and is still producing it and remaining popular today. Hard lemonade is simply created by adding some carbonation and malt flavoring to simple lemonade. It creates a slightly sour, fizzy drink, which tastes like a punch that is popular amongst younger drinkers who have not yet developed a refined taste for fine alcohol. 

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