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Sparkling Water

What is Sparkling Water?

As it has been available since sometime in the 18th century, sparkling water is popular with many people all over the world today. Sparkling water was first made by hanging a bucket of water over vats of beer in order to give it bubbles and a good taste. Today, sparkling water is made using pressurized carbon dioxide, and it also has more bubbles than those first versions that were made. The carbon dioxide dissolving in the water is what creates the bubbles, which are similar to those you find in sodas, or soft drinks.


You can find sparkling water, or seltzer water as many people refer to it, in different flavors and with different vitamins and minerals added to them for nutritional value. In the past it was very common to see a seltzer water bottle in many homes. It contained a small container of carbon dioxide that would allow you to create your own sparkling water in your home. Today, it is produced commercially by most companies that also sell soft drinks and sodas, and you can find it all over the world.


A different version of sparkling water, which you may see as an addition to many cocktails, is tonic water. Tonic water is sparkling water that has quinine added to it. Originally added to sparkling water to help keep people from getting malaria, quinine became a taste that people came to like, so they continued to drink it even though they did not need to. A popular drink made with tonic water is the Gin and tonic, which was created by people who were trying to lessen the medicine taste of the quinine. Today tonic water does not have nearly as much quinine added to it, but the Gin and tonic has continued to be a popular drink.


Other types of sparkling waters that you may find are those that are flavored and also mineral water. Mineral water has small amounts of minerals dissolved in it that will help your health and also give the water flavor. Sparkling waters that have flavor added may have syrups in them that make them more like a soda, but some are naturally flavored with fruits. The naturally flavored sparkling waters are much healthier than sodas because they do not have any added sugars.

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