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Rose Lime Cordial

Rosé Lime Cordial: The Ultimate Citrus Mix


Summer is about being cool in the sun and staying cool in the shade. It is about wearing tee shirts and shorts, slippers and sunglasses, short skirts and hats, and taking beach vacations with the coolest drinks a bartender can make. No bar is complete without a bottle of the original Rosé Lime Cordial. Its flavor makes any cocktail tasty and so very smooth to drink. Sweet, citrusy, and positively uplifting, the cordial tastes great with simple plain soda and ice. Add a small umbrella covering the glass and it becomes a drink suitable to any vacation spot. Plain Vodka would be lonely without the magic of the lime cordial in the glass. White Rum would be dawdling in a bottle and the good times wouldn't be quite right with this great mixer.


Want to give the children a taste of freedom? Try making the plain and chilled version of the drink. Blend it with a little ice and the children will love to spend the hot summer sipping on this magical potion. Take one part of the original Rosé Lime Cordial, blend it in with three parts of carbonated water, one part plain water, and a dash of sugar and mint, and voila – the ultimate summer cooler for the children is ready. Let them run in the sand, splash in the water, and then finally, relax by the pool with this cool summer drink until the world feels just right!


For the adults, the party usually begins after dark. To awaken the senses, try the citrus “punch” that only the original Rosé Lime Cordial can deliver. Choose your poison – gin and tonic, the irresistible vodka martini (shaken or stirred), the pan galactic gargle blaster, or the tall and graceful Long Island Iced Tea. Now lace it with the Rosé Lime Cordial and the party seems to become a little brighter, the music becomes more energetic and life becomes a breeze. It is easy to make the magic happen. Just make sure that you choose the original Rosé Lime Cordial, always!

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