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Raspberry Syrup

Whenever raspberries come into season by late summer, the first thing that comes to mind is let's go make some raspberry syrup! It is time to take that juicy raspberry goodness and transform it into something better.

So how do you make the syrup? Here are some easy quick guidelines so you can make your own homemade raspberry syrup. First, choose the firm and ripe raspberries. Remove the stems and start crushing them with your hands over a bowl. After they are all crushed, place them in the fridge. Stir them daily from time to time. After 3 days, transfer the fruit into a flannel bag and squeeze away because you want to get all that yummy juices. Filter the mixture a few times until the juice is clear. Let it boil for 10 minutes and add sugar and citric acid. Make sure to stir so the sugar doesn't stick. After 3 minutes, transfer the syrup into bottles. Let them cool and then store in a cool dry place. Easy, right?

Raspberries are good for you

Raspberries are very marketable and are widely used for different purposes. Here's some good news for you guys -- raspberries contribute a lot of good things to our health. It is rich in dietary fiber and is a good source of vitamin C and manganese. Considerable amounts of B vitamins 1-3, folic acid, magnesium, iron, and copper are also in raspberries. Add to that its significant antioxidant properties. So it's always good to have some raspberry or raspberry syrup in your home knowing that they're good for your health.


Raspberry is also known to be popular for several other purposes such as culinary uses. The fruit itself is used as a main ingredient or a garnish for dishes. Raspberry syrup is also used as toppings for ice cream, cakes, crushed ice, and pancakes.


Raspberry syrup can also be used for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. There are quite a number of cocktails that use this syrup. Here are some easy drink ideas:


Non alcoholic beverages

Rose de Mai cocktail – pineapple juice, cream and raspberry syrup

Raspberry Lemonade – lemon, sugar, raspberry syrup

Grape Flip – grape juice, cold milk, egg yolk, raspberry syrup

Coconut Lips – pineapple juice, cream, coconut cream and raspberry syrup

Ethiopian Punch – maraschino cherry juice, grape juice, lemon juice, orange

Juice, pineapple juice, 7-up, raspberry syrup


Alcoholic beverages

Albemarle Fizz: gin, lemon, club soda, sugar, raspberry syrup

Bayard Fizz: soda water, gin, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, raspberry syrup

Cabana Shrub: Cabana Cachaca, lime juice, ginger ale, raspberry syrup

Floradora: gin, ginger ale, lime juice, raspberry syrup

Knickerbocker Special: lemon juice, dark rum, orange juice, orange curacao,

raspberry syrup

Quaker's Cocktail: white rum, brandy, lemon, raspberry syrup

Mad Dog Shot: vodka, Tabasco sauce, raspberry syrup

Malibulicious: Blue Curacao liqueur, peach schnapps, 7-up, raspberry syrup

Pacifist: light rum, brandy, lemon juice, raspberry syrup

Rasmaretto: lemonade, amaretto, raspberry syrup

Vladimir: Crème de Cassis, vodka, grenadine, raspberry syrup

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