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Almond Syrup

Almond Syrup Used in Cocktails

Mediterranean climate will always remind you of the famous almond. Many are saying that the abundance of almonds is found in the Middle East where there is a Mediterranean climate. But then again, the cultivation of almonds is now spread in various countries such as in the Northern part of Africa and all the way to the Southern Europe. Up to this date, the city of California is now known for being one of the cities in the whole world that has large and huge production of almonds. Almonds are very in demand in the whole world. As a matter of fact, in the year 2002 alone, its production has yielded to about 1.85 million tonnes. It was really a huge production. Why? This is because of the fact that almonds have many and diversified usage. For example, have you tried eating the chocolate coated almonds?

Cocktail ingredient

The production of chocolate coated almonds every year is huge because of the fact that when Christmas is near, these kinds of chocolates are often used for gifts. But then again, there is more to almonds than the nuts. One of the many usages of almond is the almond syrup that is often use as an ingredient for cocktails. Are you familiar with ladybug? How about the luftschlange? Does scorpion punch ring a bell? These are but some of the famous cocktails that use almond syrup as its primary ingredient.

Bitter sweet taste

The taste of almond syrup is really good. As a matter of fact, once you get a taste of it you will surely ask for more. Why? This is because of the fact that the bitter sweet taste of the almond syrup is really appealing to the taste of most people. Well, in the beginning of time, almond is being eaten raw or toasted.

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