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Algarroba Syrup

Algarroba Syrup

The algarroba bean belongs to the carob family of plants. It looks like a long, dark brown pod which contains both the bean itself and a semi-sweet edible pulp, which is often used as a chocolate substitute. This makes it an ideal alternative source of chocolate flavor for artificially flavored chocolate foods and snacks and standalone chocolate flavored concepts like algarroba syrup or flour. The plant itself is native to the eastern Mediterranean where it has been cultivated for at least 4000 years. It was most notably known and used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Rich in nutrients

Carob is not only a flavorful plant, it is also rich in nutrients. While it is high in sucrose, it also contains a fair amount of protein. The pod actually has a measurable amount of vitamin A, B, and some minerals. When used as a chocolate substitute, as in algarroba syrup or flour, it provides only one third of the calories as chocolate and is nearly fat-free. It is also rich in pectin, is non-allergenic, and contains no oxalic acid. Although the flavor is not exactly the same as chocolate, many people prefer it because it is a near match and provides all of these health benefits.

Popular in baking

Obviously, then, it is very easy to see how algarroba flour might be popular in baking, when you would like a slightly chocolate flavor, as well as healthier components. Similarly, algarroba syrup can easily be substituted in cocktails in place of cacao liqueurs, which are mostly made up of sugar. Syrups are very easy to make, as they just entail boiling water and sugar down and cooling it. You can infuse almost any flavor into the syrup in this way, and the carob plant is perfect because it provides the pulp, which is already semi-liquid to begin with. Simply add the syrup to any drink for a unique, chocolate flavor.

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