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Lime Syrup

Lime Syrup: Sweet and Sugary

Perhaps one of the sweetest and most versatile fruits when it comes to flavoring various drinks and beverages is the lime. Known for being incredibly sour, the lime is actually able to be turned into quite a sweet and delicious syrup when it has sugar added to it and is then mixed with boiling water. There are a great deal of uses for lime syrup as well, in a wide variety of different drinks.


First off, the most popular, is lime syrup snow cones. Whether you are looking for a single flavor or a mixed color cone, shaving ice and adding lime syrup is the best way to refresh yourself on incredibly hot days and help you quench your thirst. It is able to add just the right amount of sweet and sour to your shaved ice to take away the bland taste of ice. Lime syrup is available from most food service supply stores where snow cones provisions are available.


Second, the lime is the corner stone of most alcoholic drinks that you purchase from bars. If you are not looking for a slice of this sour fruit, you can still get your alcoholic drinks infused with a hint or a gratuitous amount of flavor. Lime mixes very well with vodka, gin, rum, and tequila to give you the perfect mix of alcohol and decadence. The lime is generally associated with tropical regions, and drinking beverages that incorporate lime syrup gives many people the sensation they need to feel like they have escaped from the stress and strain of their daily lives.


Using lime syrup is a great way to flavor up any of your favorite drinks, whether they are alcoholic or soft beverages, and it is the optimal means through which you are able to cool down on a hot day.

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