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Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry Syrup


Strawberry syrup is very easily made by taking a cup of sugar and two cups of fresh strawberries combined in a medium sauce pan. Cook on medium heat until all the strawberries have become liquefied. Allow to cool. You can use this type of syrup for many different recipes and drinks. The thick syrup is great to use for baking.


Some people like to use it on pancakes or even stirred in milk (similar to chocolate milk) while others make mixed drinks with the delicious syrup. Making strawberry syrup is much better than using a store bought brand and it really doesn’t take a great deal of time to make.


This recipe is definitely a winner in anybody’s book! It’s called the Cream Bomb and it absolutely lives up to its name! The ingredients are an ounce of coconut rum, an ounce of any white rum, two ounces of melon liqueur, and an ounce of cream, a few drops of homemade strawberry syrup and two ounces of fresh orange juice. Put all the ingredients except for the strawberry syrup into a cocktail shaker filled up half way with ice cubes. If you don’t own a cocktail shaker a blender will just have to do! Strain the ingredients into a cocktail glass that is also filled with ice cubes. Once you have poured it in a glass drizzle the strawberry syrup into the drink. Enjoy! I think it’s better in the blender and not added the extra ice cubes!


Strawberry syrup is pretty much a very universal ingredient that will add a marvelous flavor to so many recipes and dishes. Get creative and make up a new recipe of your own. The best kind of syrup is the homemade kind using fresh picked strawberries. It’s great summer time treat!


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