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Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Syrup: The MacGuyver Of The Food Community

Since the discovery of chocolate through the use of the cocoa bean, the world has been in a constant uproar for the most delicious variations and designs of this truly decadent delight. One of the highest revered mediums through which people are able to ingest chocolate is through the blending of chocolate syrup into their beverages and snacks.


Due to its versatility, you can find chocolate everywhere, from the drinks that you order at the bar, to the pancakes you order for breakfast from your local diner. Chocolate syrup is especially well known for being able to be enjoyed with ice cream, whether it is plain vanilla or triple chocolate chunk. Hershey is one of the most widely known producers of this delightful ice cream topping, having found a way to convert their mouthwatering chocolate bars into liquid form so you can drench your frozen treat in dark, chocolaty goodness.


Apart from the instances wherein you actually mix up the syrup yourself, you can actually find it in most of the iced and specialty coffee drinks that you order from your local java providers. The most popular form, the mocha or iced mocha, is centered around several full pumps of the syrup dispenser to light up your taste buds and satisfy your chocolate cravings. Coffee is an acquired taste by many, however the ability to mix it up and add chocolate is a great way to rid the bitter taste from the drink and give you the energy you need to get through the day.


Many alcoholic beverages have actually been created that mix icy cold drinks and chocolate syrup to make them flow more smoothly. In fact, there are also several, the Mud Slide for instance, that actually mix ice cream, chocolate syrup, and alcohol to formulate the optimal drinking experience for your taste buds and your sweet tooth.


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