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Khus Syrup

What Khus Syrup Is

If you've ever been to India or had Indian friends, then you will most likely have heard of Khus syrup. Otherwise it's as foreign as it sounds. It is a very dark green syrup that smells of woods and sweetness and tastes just as it smells. The syrup is made from an extract that comes from vetiver grass, otherwise known as khus grass.

Some Americans have likened Khus syrup to be a little like aloe juice but dark green and sweeter in taste. The syrup is made by taking the khus essence and mixing it with sugar, water, and citric acid. When you buy Khus syrup, it's important to look at the ingredient label. Many commercial brands leave out the actual khus grass extract and substitute artificial flavors and colors because it's cheap and most people won't notice.

Where to Buy Khus Syrup

You won't find Khus syrup just anywhere. You're probably going to need to do a little research to get it, but you can try:


  • Your local liquor store
  • Indian grocery store
  • Online grocery stores


You can check with your local liquor store before you start going into foreign territory of navigating through an Indian store or paying for shipping online. If the owner of your liquor store has ever had a drink made with Khus syrup, he may stock it, if nothing more than for his own personal enjoyment. Manama and Mapro are just a few of the companies that will distribute the syrup.

If you can't find it there, then you're going to have to go to an Indian grocery store if you have one around, or tough it up and buy it online. Once you find a place that sells it, bookmark it so that you have it for reference the next time you need it. Once you start tasting Khus syrup, you're going to want it more.

Drinks with Khus Syrup

There are many drinks that you can make with Khus syrup and the sky is the limit with your imagination. Once you take a sip to understand the flavor, you're going to find that it will go with ice creams (think milkshakes), over ice with some lemon-lime soda and delicious inside of a glass of ice water, too.


There are two classic non-alcoholic drinks that utilize Khus syrup, too. The first is the Crush. You will add 2 tablespoons of pineapple syrup, rose syrup, the khus, and orange squash to a tall glass. You will then add water to the glass, followed by a few chunks of strawberry and watermelon. You will then add soda water and a scoop of ice cream to the glass.


The other drink is the Citrus Cooler, where you will add a tablespoon each of orange squash, lemon juice, and vanilla ice cream, as well as a bottle of lemonade and a shot of the syrup into a glass and serve. You can then choose to make any of these alcoholic if you desire by adding a shot of vodka or rum to them.

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