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Ginger Syrup

The New Drink in Town is Ginger

Although sweet or sour may crop up when imagining the next hot drink flavor, that is thankfully not the case. The latest craze sweeping bars, clubs, and even brunch-serving restaurants is ginger. Or rather, the latest craze is ginger syrup. Easy to make and tasty to try, it is composed of no more than fresh ginger, sugar, and water of varying amounts, boiled and strained to perfection. This sweet and spicy essence of ginger makes a fantastic ginger ale by pouring into a full glass of ice one part ginger syrup, two parts soda water, and a lime twist for flavor and presentation.

Homemade ginger ale helps define Grub, a Hollywood-based, brunch-serving restaurant known for its drinks and helps keep them on the map with ease. If you're in the mood for something harder, they have other ginger-flavored beverages with a little more kick. For more refined tastes, take a trip to the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan and visit Ono where mixologist Wenne Alton Davis serves an original cocktail of hers which includes the flavors of rhubarb and ginger for a spicy-sour element to the light and sweet drink that can only be experienced in person. The name of course is the Rhubarb-Ginger Cooler.

When making your own ginger syrup original, it only takes imagination and a full knowledge of the ginger flavor and how it reacts to other flavors. To do this, we look to food and drink! Ginger teas are often flavored with lemon, cinnamon, and occasionally various asian spices. Black pepper is also added to some ginger dishes. Now to have a look at some popular cocktails including the ginger flavor. The Bog Punch includes the tart flavor of cranberries and the super sweet taste of pineapples. Apple juice and lemon juice are also included in this concoction, so we may conclude that ginger goes with spicy, sweet, sour and tart. It is mixed with dark liquors such as bourbon and whiskey and light liquors like vodka. So when creating your own liquid masterpiece, you have limitless options. We look forward to your addition to the ginger syrup drink list!

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