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Pineapple Cordial


If you will be asked what the best recipe for the pineapple fruit is, what would be your answer? Pineapple cordial? Pineapple is very rich in Vitamin C. You can find pineapples everywhere. Did you know that pineapple was first known in South America in a native of South Brazil and Paraguay? It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in Indies and he brought it back to Europe? But it was already propagated all over the different countries like Philippines, Guam and many more. We can see big plantation of pineapple in those countries. Hawaii has the large scale of pineapple plantation today.


It's good for you

The fruit is used for salads, deserts, can be juiced and canned or bottled. Pineapple Cordial is one of the best for pineapple recipes. It has the taste of sweetness and a refresher to one who is thirsty. Pineapple cordial is very popular in terms of its nutritional value. It has good quality vitamins and minerals, enzymes and fibers that offer a well balanced digestive system does eliminate toxins from your body. Pineapple has less fats and low cholesterol that are usually bad in our immune system.


Pineapple Cordial is very healthy to drink. The juices in pineapple cordial can kill intestinal worms and reduces the occurrence of intestinal disorders. I will be very selfish if I will not share you a best recipe I have ever known. In making cordial, you will need skin and pulp of medium pineapple, 2 limes, 1-quart boiling water, 1 root ginger, and two cups sugar. Here is how you process the cordial. Put skin and pulp of pineapple in a large bowl. Add limes, thinly sliced and crushed ginger then add boiling water. Cover it and let it stand for two days. After that, skin, strain and sweetened, chill and serve.











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