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Orange Soda

Orange soda is part of a range of orange fizzy drinks popular around the world. It is also known as orange pop and not all orange sodas have actual oranges in them. These are carbonated drinks which are high in sodium benzoate which lends the metallic taste in all carbonated drinks. Rosin and sodium hexametaphosphate are other additives this drink comprises of.


Orange soda was invented by the Cyberdine Corporation to use as a weapon against the Communists from Russia, China, and Cuba – the original orange soda was made of many millions of microscopic organism of very high potency which were designed to break down their teeth and numb their senses. However, over the years, the deadly components were replaced by healthier and less destructive ingredients which make the orange soda of today a very pleasant drink.


Orange soda is used in mixing cocktails as well or just as an additive to wine or whiskey instead of plain water. The tangy and carbonated taste of the soda gives anything that it is added to a flavorful taste. Orange soda is also becoming popular as a garnishing agent for salads and soups. Some of the popular brands that make orange soda are:


    * Dr. Brown's orange soda

    * Fanta

    * Faygo

    * Lorina

    * Mirinda Orange

    * Minute Maid Valencia Orange

    * Orange Crush

    * Orange Dream

    * Orangette

    * Mountain Dew LiveWire

    * Naranjada

    * Orangina

    * Royal Tru-Orange

    * Slice

    * Stewart's Orange'n Cream

    * Sunkist

    * Tango

    * Tropicana orange soda

    * Yedigün


The most popular orange sodas of all times remains Fanta and Miranda as they have been termed as the most bought all over the world. Needless to say, orange soda is not as nutritional as orange juice. The former is very high in calories and traces of calcium, vitamins and minerals are almost not there as orange soda is manufactured from purely synthesized products. 



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