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Whiskey single malt

Background on Whisky Single Malt and How to Enjoy it

Malt is a main ingredient in whisky single malt, is a fermented grain or root which has been mashed and then fermented and distilled to form liquor such as whisky single malt. Depending on what type of malt liquor is being made there are different grains or roots that can be sued. The most common seen used in liquors are rye, barley, wheat, corn, potatoes, beets, or other roots.


Whisky single malt is made using only one malt that comes from only one distillery. This type of whisky is the hardest type to create because of the high standards that are set and there are many things that go into creating the perfect whisky single malt.

The popular spirit of whisky single malt originated from Scotland. Single malt that is officially called Scotch whisky must be matured and distilled in Scotland for at least three years. Barley malt is the only ingredient that is in whisky single malt and only a single pot is used for the distilling process. Most of them are aged for at least five years and up to twenty years in oak casks. You will find that the best whisky single malt is bottled at the same distillery that produced it and these tend to be the more expensive ones.


Whisky single malt is distilled two or three times and aged in oak barrels. Sometimes to get more flavors into the whisky producers will age the spirit in barrels that were used to aged port, sherry, or cognac and even some wines.

When you think of whisky single malt as a drink, you may get images of wealthy business men and James Bond types, but the number of people, and ages of them as well, that drink this spirit have grown. You will find that an increasing number of people that are trying to expand their palates are trying whisky single malt as a drink either on its own over ice or in a mixed drink.

If you are looking to expand your palate and try more adventurous liquors and drinks, then starting with whisky single malt is a great place to begin. To be able to tell apart all the different flavors that you can find in different brands of whisky single malt you should buy a few different ones that are inexpensive. Many whisky connoisseurs will tell you that it is only worth your time to drink the more expensive whisky single malt but that is not true at all. You can find good inexpensive whisky single malt that has just as much good points and flavors as the more expensive ones.

To completely get the full aromas and taste of the whisky single malt, you will probably want to buy the specially designed glasses called cognac snifters. These glasses are very much the same as wine glasses, where they will help you to get the full effect of the whisky single malt flavors and aromas except they are smaller than a wine glass. You will notice a sort of flute at the top of the glass that will help to concentrate that scent of the whisky single malt for you to enjoy to the fullest. Another way to release the full flavor is by adding a small splash of water or by swirling the liquor around in the glass to open it up.


To taste whisky single malt properly you should pour about two ounces into the snifter glass and swirl the liquor around in the glass. When you are swirling it in the glass be sure to make notes of the color of it to compare with the other brands. The color the whisky has comes from the barrel it was aged in. The next step in tasting is to smell the spirit and think of what the scent of the liquor remind you of. Many people say that they will smell nuts, oak, and vanilla, but there are many different things that you may also smell depending on your nose and sense of smell.
To finish the tasting process take a small sip of the whisky and gently swirl it in your mouth. You should be trying to feel the consistency of the spirit and the different flavors that you can taste on your palate. The flavors may be very obvious or fairly subtle depending on the whisky single malt. You should be able to taste butterscotch, nutmeg, peat, and coconut as well as many other flavors. Again, the flavors will vary based on the brand or producer of the whisky and your sense of taste.

Whisky single malt goes together well with a nice spicy cigar and is generally also served as an aperitif or in the evening. When you drink whisky single malt you may feel sophisticated and refined especially if you know how to taste it properly. By tasting the different brands you can figure out which one you like best and will be able to order it easily the next time you are out. It is also a great way to impress your high end clients if you are at a nice dinner with them and want to order them something to impress them.


If you do not like drinking whisky single malt on its own, but like the flavor it has, there are many cocktails that you can order that contain the spirit and are still quite smooth and delicious. A Kentucky Champagne Cocktail could be your new favorite drink around the time of the Kentucky Derby or a great drink to serve at a Kentucky Derby Party. In a cocktail shaker combine one ounce whisky single malt, half an ounce of peach schnapps, and a dash of Angostura Bitters. Shake and then strain into a chilled champagne glass. Fill the glass the rest of the way with champagne and you have a delicious drink to enjoy.

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