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Top Halloween Party Ideas

The end of October brings a crisp tang to the air and along with it the thought of exciting Halloween party ideas. It is always great to have new and interesting plans to make the day or evening a big hit among the party-goers.

Think about the kind of party you are having and how you want to make it special.

Family Parties

  • Costumes: Have a group costume contest. For example, each member of one family might come as one of the characters on their favorite TV show or movie.
  • Games: Have party games that most people can participate in, such as guessing the number of Halloween candies in a jar.
  • Food: Have party food that everyone can eat, from toddlers to the elderly. For example, it is possible to get gelatin molds that come in the shape of brains. Make a mixture of cherry or strawberry gelatin and whipped cream and fill the mold with it.

The most important thing about planning a family party is to include everyone. Therefore, your best Halloween party ideas for a large family will be multi-generational. Family togetherness can be a wonderful feature of Halloween just as it is on any other holiday.

Work Parties

  • Setting: Hold the party in a banquet room at a restaurant. You will save on liability and keep work and leisure separate.
  • Costumes: Have a zombie party where everyone comes as a zombie of whatever job they hold, such as a zombie receptionist, a zombie salesperson, or a zombie boss.
  • Food: Ask around about a caterer who has great Halloween party ideas. Listen to her suggestions and add a few of your own. Remember that everyone will be hungry after work.
  • Games: Bring lots of play money and see who can accumulate the most cash. Everyone gets play money as a prize when they win contests and games. At the end of the night, award a grand prize to the person with the most play money.

Work parties can be challenging. Your employees may see each other every day, and so you have to do something special to make the party a treat. With plenty of great food, fun costumes, and exciting games, you should be able to keep everyone interested.

Children's Parties

  • Decorations: You should always get decorations for a children's party. Have hairy Halloween spider toys dangling from the ceiling; put up a ghost piñata.
  • Costumes: Have a theme such as Favorite Cartoon Characters, or Favorite Scary Animal.
  • Food: Have a variety of specially made foods that look gross or scary, such as spaghetti and eyeballs or candy apples with spooky faces.
  • Games: Choose games children can do. One game is setting a Halloween candy bucket in the middle of the floor and having children take turns throwing several pieces of candy at it. Whoever gets the most in gets to keep the bucket and its contents.
  • Halloween Crafts: Children can do crafts like making a mobile with spiders. They can make origami bats. They can use sticks and gauze to make little mummies.

Halloween party ideas for children are perhaps the most fun. You can use your imagination along with common household objects to make food, games and crafts that the children will remember for a lifetime.

In the end, all the Halloween party ideas are simply designed to help the party-goers have fun and make memories.

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