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The Art of Party Crashing

When an everyday couple recently made it into a White House dinner without an invitation, it was obvious that the art of party crashing had reached a new level. Party crashers abound on movies and on entertainment news.


It seems that everyone is getting into the act. If you want to be a part of this fun trend, learn the art of the activity for yourself.

Why Crash Parties

  • You can get in on a party you would otherwise have missed and meet new people.
  • Getting into a party uninvited makes for a daring adventure and gives you the excitement of doing the forbidden.
  • You get great food and drinks, especially if there are skilled caterers.

There are all kinds of reasons for party crashing. Obviously, people are getting something out of it, or they would not continue to do it.


Many people dream of crashing parties, but only a few ever have the nerve to do it. It is certainly a fun pastime, but it is better if you know what you are doing from the beginning.

Party Crashing Methods

  • Sometimes it is easy to slip in with the caterers.
  • Some people make up a fake invitation or call ahead on someone else's invitation to RSVP.
  • You can say you are the friend of someone at the party or just walk in nonchalantly, as if you are supposed to be there.
  • If it is an informal outdoor party, you might just be able to walk into the party without any trouble; at worst you might have to climb over a fence.

The methods of party crashing run the gamut from bordering on breaking in to paving the way with phone calls and letters. It all depends on the type of party you are going to and how you want to make your entrance. Whatever you do, it is a good idea to have a plan before you get there.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid running into any person you have said you know to get into a party. As soon as the two of you get together, the game is over.
  • Avoid telling people your real name or where you live.
  • Avoid staying too long. You do not have to be the first to leave, but you should not be the last. If it is just you and the host at the end of the party, it will be obvious that you crashed the party.
  • Avoid getting into a fight – your story is bound to be revealed if a dispute has to be settled.
  • Avoid dressing differently from everyone else. In other words, do not stand out if you can possibly blend in.

There are definitely a few things you should avoid, but the biggest thing to avoid is failing to have fun. You can crash a party and still enjoy yourself immensely. You do not have to sit in the corner feeling guilty.


If you are going to go through all the trouble of making your way into a party where no one wanted you enough to invite you, make sure you have a blast. Otherwise, your efforts in learning the art of party crashing will be for nothing.

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