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Things to Remember When Looking for Bartender Jobs Abroad

Being a bartender requires an outgoing personality with great patience and eager to meet new people or work at new types of bars, so finding bartender jobs abroad is becoming more popular as world travel has become more common. The key to finding a job anywhere abroad is to know where to look and when it may be better to go someplace else. But, if you are a bartender then you are probably a people person and working abroad will allow you to meet countless new people and possibly even new business contacts or friends along the way.


Finding Bartender jobs abroad, before or After Arrival

It may seem to make more sense for bartenders to have a job ready for them upon their arrival to their destination, but sometimes that may not always be the case so local signage or word of mouth is extremely important to finding bartender jobs abroad.


For example, in a popular resort in Europe, people can just turn up in a bar to ask if they can take an available shift, even if they have never worked as a bartender before. It can be to your advantage if you have experience: you will look much better compared to those who have never served a pint.

How to Know- Where and When to Look for Bartender Jobs Abroad

Make sure you have at least a couple target areas to start looking for a bartending job- keep in mind the seasons of the bar scene is also a factor to determine how quickly you will find a gig.

When finding bartender jobs abroad, remember that in the summer seasons, it will probably be easier to find a job since most people will be outside enjoying the weather in the bars close to beaches or in resorts. In the winter, it may be wiser to find a job before investing too much into travel.

What to Do If Bar-Hopping Isn't In Season

When it is time for the cold winter months and you don't have any direct employer contacts to get bartender jobs abroad, consider traveling to tourist attractions that have customers all year round. Don't restrict yourself to the same types of bars that you are used to working in. You will increase your job opportunities if you be more versatile and learn to look in more places than one. Do some light research on big establishments in busy cities and broaden your possibilities for finding and having a selection of jobs to choose from.


Meeting new people is a prerequisite to being a bartender, and those who love this line of work are happy to have the refreshing faces. Whether you find a job by word of mouth, cold calling, or walking into places, your job requires versatility to deal with all types of people and bars.


The beauty of bartender jobs abroad is that not only are the faces excitingly refreshing, but the amazing places you can visit will make your job even more satisfying.

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