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Absolut introduces a new flavor


Black tea from China meets a scandinavian summer day. For thousands of years, oolong – or “black dragon” tea has inspired kings and cultures all over the world. Now, its dark tones and mysterious richness have been introduced to the wild, delicate character of Nordic elderflower and harmonized with a smooth, mellow vodka base. This unexpected flavor mixes perfectly, and brings excitement to a wide variety of drinks. ABSOLUT WILD TEA will be available in January 2011 at bars, restaurants and retailers in the US.

 “We are very excited to launch this new spectacular flavor. Across the world, there is an explosive consumer interest in tea. But it is still an overlooked flavor in the bar. The sophistication about tea is very inspiring, and combined with elderflower it brings something new and exciting to any drink or cocktail,” says Laura Stephen, Global Marketing Director, ABSOLUT Flavors and Extensions.

ABSOLUT WILD TEA brings together the dark tones and mysterious richness of black tea, and the delicate character of Nordic white elderflower. It has a fresh aroma with hints of black tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. The taste is rich and fruity with tones of black tea, natural sweetness and smoothness. ABSOLUT WILD TEA is a great spirit for mixing, as it goes perfectly with both sweet and sour mixers.

“We always want to develop exciting flavors that inspire consumers and bartenders to mix fantastic drinks. It was this creative urge that inspired us to introduce ABSOLUT CITRON in 1988, at a time when none had thought about flavored vodka. With ABSOLUT WILD TEA we are now adding something new and eye-opening to the flavor landscape,” says Laura Stephen.

ABSOLUT WILD TEA is incredibly easy to mix. Together with fresh lime juice and simple syrup, it builds an especially fruity and floral gimlet. Try it also with tea and honey, mint leaves or dry white wine for three sophisticated, yet very different, drinks. Or try it neat in a chilled aqua vitae glass, Scandinavian way. Tea lovers can add a few drops of ABSOLUT WILD TEA to their cup of tea for a special sensation.


The iconic ABSOLUT bottle is instantly recognizable, this time with a black and golden decor, referring to the sophisticated black tea, and the fresh, fruity elderflower.


ABSOLUT BLACK TEA will be available in January 2011 in the US. A 1L. bottle is priced at 24.99 USD.


0.75 parts fresh Lime juice?
0.5 parts Simple syrup
Build over ice in a rocks glass, and stir. Garnish with a lime wheel.


Source: Absolut vodka

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