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Best Party Cities in the World

What makes some of the best party cities in the world? Music, check. Dancing, check. Drinks, oh heck yea! Bet you're ready to party now! With summer here, it's the official party season. But don't be fooled, all parties are not created equal. That's because location is the key.

Why even waste your time partying in the middle of a cornfield in some town that's barely on the map when you can hit up some of the best party cities in the world: time for a geography lesson, a party geography lesson that is.


Bangkok is the epitome of partying and non-stop fun taking its place as one of the best party cities in the world. The city has gone from a city known for go-go joints to the go-to place for international promoters and DJs.

Luxurious skyscraper hotels set the scene for parties galore, delicious street food is always plentiful and available providing the appetite for partying and decked-out nightclubs provide the locale for non-stop hours of fun. Hey, what else could you possibly need?


Welcome to Miami! LeBron may not quite have lived up to bringing his talents to South Beach but you sure can. This city is known for partying all night so don't expect to get any sleeping done, like you would want to anyway.

Miami is truly one of the best party cities in the world since the beach is at your doorstep; this city is just one big party in itself. This is where the beautiful gather---the celebrities, the athletes, the professionals, so you'll never be short on eye-candy or possible opportunities. You better bring your A game here and dunk on the competition.

New York City

New York, New York---the name says it all. This is probably one of the first places you think of when you think of cool, hip party cities. This is the city that never sleeps and that's as true when it comes to partying.

With an extensive, 24-hour system subway system, you never have to worry about missing the latest party. With its eclectic feel and vibe, there's something for every type of partier from the ultra-trendy to the neighborhood bar. Be you in New York City!

Rio de Janeiro

Exotic and beautiful, Rio de Janeiro is one of the best of the best. This Brazilian city parties year-round with its lush landscape and huge street carnivals. This city has a huge population, over 11 million people, which make for an abundance of partiers at any given time. You don't even to step a foot in a club here since the streets come to life with parties-a-plenty at night. Carnivale!

This is just a sampling of some of the best party cities in the world. You probably have your own ideas and opinions about where best to party. This list just adds to that. Now it is time to get out there and discover some of the best party cities in the world on your own!

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