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The Truth about Hangover Cures

There have been hangover cures for centuries – probably as long as there have been fermented beverages. Anyone who is going to drink more than a couple of beers or glasses of wine might be wise to find out a bit about hangovers. Then, they can try a few tricks to help them through the next day if they overdo it.

Biology of Hangovers

Your body rebels when you take in too much alcohol over a short period of time. That is why so many people have to use hangover cures. Excessive use of alcohol has so many detrimental effects on the body.

For instance, the alcohol sends a message to the brain that causes it to send fluids right through the system without being absorbed into the body. This means you are not only dehydrated, but precious nutrients are also washed away at the same time. Alcohol also turns glycogen in the liver into glucose. When alcohol is broken down in the liver, toxins are formed.

Hangover Symptoms

  • You may feel tired, weak, achy and dizzy.
  • You might experience nausea, vomiting or just a general feeling of illness.
  • Hangovers sometimes come with a headache or sensitivity to light and noise.
  • You may be thirsty and show other signs of dehydration such as a rapid heartbeat.
  • Moodiness is almost always a problem as well.

All these symptoms can be very harsh; people want to feel better immediately.

Unfortunately, most hangover cures are not instant. However, there are a few remedies that have seemed to help many people over the years.

Common Hangover Quick Fixes

  • Many people take over-the-counter pain killers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  • You can counteract the dehydration by drinking plenty of water or sports drinks.
  • Some people suggest drinking more alcohol in the morning – otherwise known as "the hair of the dog that bit you."
  • You can replenish nutrients by taking vitamins, especially Vitamins B6 and B12.

The common hangover cures use the most convenient methods possible to address the symptoms with straightforward remedies. Generally, you use what you have right at hand in a bottle or from the tap. You sleep to avoid feeling the symptoms until they begin to go away. These remedies may help to a certain extent.

Unusual Hangover Cures

  • You might be told to drink a mixture of a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce, which is an old remedy.
  • Eating tripe soup made of the lining of a cow's stomach with hot chilies and spices added is suggested by many people around the world.
  • Prickly pear supplements have been scientifically proven beneficial.
  • Natural health advocates say you should take a bath in water spiked with wasabi or try reflexology foot massages.

If you want to try a natural cure, there are plenty. It makes sense to use natural hangover remedies, even if they are uncommon. They are generally gentler on the body than OTC medications.

Use these unusual remedies with more common natural remedies such as drinking water, and you will have a much better morning after.

The Best Hangover Cures

Most people simply want to know what the best hangover remedy really is. That is a simple one. The best of all is to take care of yourself in the first place. You can make sure to hydrate yourself all along the way.

You can eat snacks to keep your body from being overwhelmed by all the liquor. Most of all, you can keep your drinking to a reasonable amount. Then, you should not need any hangover cures at all.


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