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Things to Consider To Become a Bartender

There are some things to consider to become a bartender, and with these in mind, you can see your future career as a success, rather than a disappointment or failure. Most people have a romantic idea of what a bartender does. They think that it must be the easiest job in the world to just stand behind the bar and mix a few drinks together and then get paid.

It's Not Only About Serving Drinks

One of the things to consider to become a bartender is that the real life situation is much different. Usually, most people have a negative personality change when they begin to drink. This means that you'll have to listen to the same boring stories about how someone's ex is a loser, or how their boss is a loser, how everyone wronged them or how depressed they are.


In essence, you won't just be serving drinks: you'll be babysitting grown-ups who are intoxicated. So let's look at some things to consider:


  • Most careers or professions are either physical or mental. One of the things to consider to become a bartender is that this profession is both mental and physical.
  • Another one of the things to consider to become a bartender is that it is about money, and bars as well as restaurants are being built each day for one purpose only. This purpose is to make money. You, as the bartender, make your money by tips.

One dollar per drink is the standard and has been the standard since the 1980's. Individuals who will run a tab usually tip about fifteen percent or more. The bottom line is that you need to sell as much liquor and booze as possible in order to make a decent living.


  • Bars and restaurants are like any other store or business. Some more things to consider to become a bartender is that the bar or restaurant you work at buys and sells products in order to make a profit. You, as the bartender, will be selling those products much the same way a car salesman or saleswoman will be selling cars.

Both the car salesman and the bartender will be working to make a commission. Bartenders are in principle the same as commission. You have to sell your products the best way you can, and that includes smiling, giving a handshake, listening to someone's troubles, giving them attention, telling a joke to cheer someone, making drinks, remembering someone's name or birthday. These are things that get you the tips.


  • Bartenders are liked by most people. People like to think of bartenders as their friends that they can talk to about things that they probably can't even tell their loved ones or therapist. In essence, you will be a sort of therapist, except you will not have the credentials, license, or healthy medications.

These are just a few things to consider to become a bartender. This career is not a walk in the park, and you will most definitely need to stay two steps ahead of the people you will be serving. While some people turn into happy drunks, majority of people turn into depressed or even aggressive drunks.


In addition, there may be fights that break out between other patrons of the bar or restaurant, so you may want to consider your safety as well. As you evaluate these things to consider to become a bartender, you will be in the right direction to making an informed decision as to whether nor not to start a career as a bartender.

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