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That calls for a Carlsberg

While Carlsberg's famous green logo is known all over the world, its sales don’t always measure up to its brand recognition. Carlsberg is launching a new global positioning to help the brand unleash its full potential.

Carlsberg, one of the world's most well-known premium beers, is investing significantly in repositioning its brand to support its ambition to be the fastest growing global beer company.

At the heart of this is a redefinition of its brand proposition – a proposition which celebrates Carlsberg's heritage and values, while connecting with today's active, adventurous generation of beer drinkers. The proposition encourages consumers 'to step up and do the right thing', rewarding themselves with a Carlsberg for their efforts and it carries the tagline "That calls for a Carlsberg".

Carlsberg’s visual identity has been modernised, distribution channels are being widened and a completely new range of packaging is being rolled out across more than 140 markets. The changes to both the brand proposition and the visual identity will help to make the Carlsberg brand more consistent, appealing and distinctive to its consumers in both its established and newer markets.

Consequently, by 2015, Carlsberg anticipates that the Carlsberg brand will have doubled its profits.

In today's dynamic age, when consumer behaviour is shaped by free information, technology, travel and exciting career opportunities available at the swipe of a touchscreen, young, independent adults don't wait for things to happen: they go out and make them happen. They are prepared to take risks, to explore and accept new opportunities and to be courageous in the way they live their lives.

JC Jacobsen, Carlsberg's founder, did it all 180 years ago. He built up his own brewery at the age of 24 - travelling the world to understand the latest techniques and innovations – and became the first person to brew lager successfully. And in his thirst for perfection, Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1876 which, a few years later, developed a method for producing the first clean yeast which revolutionised beer production on a global scale.

With over 100 scientists employed in its research laboratories, Carlsberg continues to seek improvements to the quality of its products, both in terms of production and taste. One of its recent achievements is the development of a new type of barley – Null-LOX barley – which has the benefits of being high yielding, provides a better foam for the beer and keeps the beer fresher for longer. These benefits are further enhanced when combined with Carlsberg's new fast-acting strain of yeast (234).

"At Carlsberg, we are continually looking to improve both our beer and the future for our consumers, customers, communities and our people," comments Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, Carlsberg's CEO.

"Carlsberg is the name above the door. We are proud of our Carlsberg brand – for the pleasure it gives to many and for what it has, and continues to give back to society. People are familiar with Carlsberg but do not necessarily know what it represents. This global launch is our way of getting our story out there to both our mature markets and our newer markets. We want people to know that Carlsberg beer stands for something - for heritage, for quality, for great taste and for doing the right thing."

Rasmussen notes that while Carlsberg's famous green logo is known all over the world, its sales simply do not measure up to its brand recognition.

"Although international recognition is good, it is not enough. We are investing significantly in the Carlsberg brand, widening our distribution channels and making every effort to get closer to our customers and consumers. "

As of today, this new positioning will be rolled out across a wide variety of multimedia and marketing channels, with a new television advertising campaign being launched throughout 2011 to reinforce this new brand positioning.


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