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Grenadine Syrup

For years grenadine syrup has been used to mix drinks and cocktails. Some drinks only add this syrup in for color while most of the time it is to add some different flavor. The original grenadine was simply a juice made out of pomegranate or cherry but the grenadine known so well today is actually a syrup version of the juice. Today’s version also has much more sugar than it used to as well. Most of those cherry sodas that are so popular today are actually made with this grenadine syrup.

Some of the cocktails you have enjoyed for years may include this syrup and you may not have known. These cocktails include the Alabama Slammer, Amaretto Sunrise, The Grapefruit Lemonade, and Hawaiian Punch.

You can even make grenadine syrup from scratch at home if you want to bottle your own or use it for your drinks at home. Although, some people prefer to just buy a bottle at the local super market. If you do decide to make yours at home you can expect to spend about thirty minutes doing so and need to have a little over two pounds of pomegranates. The way you prepare your syrup will depend on the recipe you follow but they all start by pealing the membranes from the pomegranate. Once the juice releases you can strain it and finish the preparation based on the recipe that you are following.

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