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The Mojito

The slaves and Ernst Hemingway's drink.


This popular rum drink consists of rum, sugar syrup, lime, soda water and mint leaves Mojito has its origins in a mixture of sucrose, water and rum that the  cuban slaves drank in the early 1800s. But the first real and constructed recipes of the Mojito are written down in recipebooks between 1930-1940's.


Mojito was first most drunk at the beaches and bars of native Cuba, but soon spread over to Key West in the United States. After it landed at trendy bars in Miami, it was only a matter of time before it wandered all over the country and then over to Europe.


The author Ernst Hemingway, who spent some time in Cuba and Key West is said to have had a Mojito as one of his favorite drinks. Many agree with him that the mixture of sweetness, citrus and mint makes it both good and refreshing. The drink is a popular drink around the world, a true classic that can be ordered at any bar at any time, although some believe that one should go to Cuba to get a "real" mojito.

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