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Sugarcane Juice

Sugar cane juice- A refreshing drink in blazing sun

Sugar cane is similar to bamboo in appearance. It is cultivated to produce fine white sugar. Once the workers have cultivated sugarcane, they cut them above the roots and send them to the processing plant. Some of the sugarcane is not sent to the factories.

 Instead, the roadside vendors use them to crush and release sugarcane juice. They are equipped with hand-powered crushers for the process and sell the sugarcane juice in cups to the pedestrians as a refreshing cocktail. Sugarcane juice is naturally sweet and one will not have to put an additional sweetener to enhance its taste. It is sold directly without any addition to it.


However sometimes the sugarcane juice is available in variety of additional flavors like ginger, mint or lemon. These are added to make the juice even more appetizing. Sugar cane juice is very health, as it has no preservatives. In fact if left for some time, the juice will start turning black due to oxidation reaction.


 The bottled form of the sugarcane juice is also available in the stores that can be preserved for long but that is not as flavorful and tasty as the one freshly prepared. Finding fresh sugar cane juice in United States is almost impossible. Although there is a popular cocktail, which has a touch of sugar cane juice knows as Mojito but it is quite different from the fresh version of the juice.


If you really need to have the taste of the sugarcane juice, you can find it at Asian and Hispanic stores since they import it and keep it in refrigerators. Sugar cane juice is very beneficial during medical fast if it has a hint of ginger or lime. It in fact has a direct effect over the digestive system and one may have to face diarrhea right after having fresh juice. No matter what ever may be the consequences, sugar cane juice is worthy to be tasted.


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