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Cherry Juice

Herbal remedies from the juice of a cherry


Many people are unaware that cherry juice can be extremely beneficial to your health! In fact, tart cherries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants. There are 17 antioxidants in a cherry and has benefits for your health and mobility! Since the juice is so high in nutrias and vitamins, it is often used for treatment of arthritis and other joint problems. Arthritis covers many areas of your body and is basically when your joints become inflamed and cause serious pain and stiffness. Many research studies have shown that cherry juice does have an anti inflammatory effect on arthritis.


The benefit of the juice was first made known by the results it gave to gout. Gout can be a massive inflammation of the toe area and can be extremely painful for the person suffering from it. Eating cherries themselves have just as many benefits as well. Consuming these delicious fruits can help low your risk of heart problems and diseases. The antioxidants present in the cherries have also been linked to the prevention of colon cancer as well. However, do not expect for the juice along to fix all of your medical problems.


For people suffering with joint pains and arthritis you must still exercise those joints to get the maximum results. The benefits of the juice are abundant and it is a safe and most importantly, natural way, to help your health problems. With all the medication out there with pages of side effects why not test a way you know won’t increase your chance of getting worse first? You can buy the cherry juice pre-bottled in a health store or buy some fresh cherries yourself and squeeze the juice out. This may take a while so you may want to have a juicer on hand.

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