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Celery Juice

What are the Benefits of Celery Juice?

Many people would not consider celery to have any health benefits, but it is actually helpful in changing your life and health. Celery juice contains large amounts of potassium and sodium, and by drinking a juice drink containing celery juice you can help to quench your thirst. You will be able to add up to 90 grams of water to your body and only 42 calories by having just one glass of celery juice. Celery juice is very helpful in rehydrating the body better than water can.


Celery juice has been found to help control the temperature of the body, help bronchial and lung disease, and help eliminate carbon dioxide from the body system. It has also been known to help with anxiety, and is effective at rebuilding your blood cells because of the high levels of magnesium and iron that are in the juice.


Many people prefer to mix celery juice with other juices, to make a delicious drink that provides many good nutrients for the body. If you add carrot juice into the mixture, you will be giving yourself healthy nutrients, such as sulfur, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sodium that aid in healing and preventing many diseases. Celery juice is found to be effective at preventing cancer because it prevents the growth of cancerous cells. By drinking celery juice regularly, it can protect you from the many free radicals found in the environment today because of the support it provides for your immune system.


A great way to drink celery juice is by mixing it with carrot and apple juice. Use four stalks of celery, two large carrots, and one large apple. Wash all the ingredients, cut off the tops of the carrots, and core the apple. Slice everything to fit into your juicer, then juice everything and mix well. Drink and enjoy the benefits of celery juice!


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