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Frozen juice concentrate

Frozen Drinks Need Frozen Juice

We all enjoy smoothies for their delicious flavor varieties and the health benefits from all of their antioxidants. If you visit the local smoothie shop, you can even find smoothies designed to help boost your metabolism! As children, we have all had our fair share of juice that was invariably from concentrate to compliment our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but rarely do we think about where it all comes from.

Frozen juice concentrate was another child of the industrialization of America and was allowed to flourish after the popularization of refrigeration. Like the microwave, it was used to send tasty, nutritious snacks to troops on the move who had no time to set up a kitchen. The process of making frozen juice concentrate is simple enough that anyone with a freezer can do it. To make frozen juice concentrate, one must first freeze fruit juice. Once frozen, allow the frozen juice to thaw. The first part to thaw is the juice, while the water stays in its icy form longer which makes separating the water and the juice very easy. Repeat this process two or three more times before freezing the final product and you should have the same thing you purchase in the frozen foods section of the grocery store. Note: if you do wish to make your own frozen juice concentrate, make sure to avoid purchasing juice that bares the label, "From Concentrate," it is an easy label to overlook and defeats the purpose!

Now that we have our frozen juice concentrate, what shall we do with it? Homemade popcicles are always fun and smoothies cheaper and possibly better than what can be bought out on the town are an option, but where this item really shines is the world of daquiris and mixed drinks! Strawberry banana daquiris are a popular and tasty drink, but the options are limitless. Frozen juice concentrate eliminates the need for ice and is much sweeter than simply using juice and ice in your drink of choice. Enjoy!


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