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Guava Juice

Guava Juice: The Multi-Purpose Healer

Guavas which are used in the making of guava juice are small oval and sometimes round fruits which are the size of an egg. Their skin is green but turns yellow when they are rip and ready for consumption. It is also possible to see some pink varieties. The skin of these sweat fruits is rough but can also be smooth. This fruit which is reddish inside has several small seeds which are also edible. Most people have now discovered the advantages of the guava fruit which is found in stores mostly in autumn and winter. This fruit can be eaten in its normal form or used to make fruit juice. This fruit is referred by most people as the super fruit. It was originally cultivated in Central America and Mexico. The leading producers of guavas today are Brazil, India, and Mexico.

What People Say About Guava Juice

Malays widely believe that guava juice is very useful in dengue fever and also in the purification of blood. They also believe that it is able to keep most parasites away from your blood meaning that if you take this juice often you are at a lower risk of getting malaria. The Thai people love this fruit and its juice since they believe that it is very beneficial with diabetes. They also believe that it lowers cholesterol levels but increases good cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar. People in Mexico have also discovered the wonderful advantages of this juice.

Other Uses of Guava Juice

The flavorful tasty guava juice is very useful in several tropically themed alcoholic drinks. This is because its sweetness pairs practically well with alcohol. The juice of the guava fruit can also be mixed with carbonated water which gives a refreshing cool drink. It is also useful in the production of sorbet and ice cream. This juice on its own is a great thirst quencher that is rich in Vitamin C and iron.

Benefits of Guava Juice

When you consume guava juice, you are sure of getting Vitamin A and B, Phosphorus, Potassium, Folic Acid Nicotinic Acid, Calcium, and Fibers. All these are very beneficial to your body. This fruit and its juice have heart protective qualities. The other benefits of consuming this juice are in the treatment of constipation, prolonged menstruation, acidosis, asthma, catarrh and obesity.

Guava Juice as a Beauty Treatment

Everyone and especially women love a beautiful skin. The good news is that this can be achieved with the use of guava juice which is very affordable to most people even those living on a stretched budget. This juice helps in the smoothening of your skin and also contains moisturizing properties due to the presence of carotenoids. The guava fruit is also loved for its powerful antioxidants which help a lot in skin renewal. It also helps in protecting your body from harmful environmental toxins. Those people who do not like their age to show on their skins should take plenty of this juice which contains anti aging components.

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