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Mango Juice

How to use Mango Juice

A delicious ingredient to add to many different mixed drinks or smoothies, Mango juice is made from fresh mango pulp. It is a natural juice so it does not have any carbonation, contains little if any preservatives, and can give you a good amount of vitamins that your body needs. It is much healthier than many of the juices that you can buy at the store, as long as it has not been processed or had things added to it.


You may often be able to find mango juice at health stores and natural food grocers, but many other stores will have the mango juice available that is mixed with other fruit juices. Mango juice has a distinctive taste on its own that is both sweet and sour. You may prefer to drink it alone if you like the taste, or mixed with another fruit juice or other ingredients.


For a healthy morning or afternoon snack, you can add mango juice as an ingredient in a smoothie that also contains vanilla ice cream and milk. Combine the ingredients together in a blender to create a delicious, thick smoothie with a touch of a tropical taste. Mango juice is also great for a dressing for fruit salad when you mix it with some mayonnaise.


For a delicious twist on classic cocktails, try substituting mango juice for orange juice when mixing drinks for your next party. A screwdriver with mango juice instead of orange juice can give the drink a little touch of tropical flavors. A frozen daiquiri with mango juice will be a tasty change for any summer cocktail that has fruit juice in the recipe.


If you cannot find mango juice at a store near your home, then it is very simple to make the juice in your kitchen. Use one cup of water, half a cup of chopped fresh mango, and four ice cubes. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until everything is smooth. This will give you a tasty juice mixture to drink on its own or mix into cocktails and smoothies.

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