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Clam Juice

The many faces of clam juice


In many parts of the world clam juice is used for a variety of drinks and sauces. Depending on what area of the world you are in you either strain the juice from freshly picked clams or you strain the juice from a freshly cooked claim. Whatever way you prepare it, is has a very unique flavor that compliments a slew of dishes. A widely popular version of the juice is the Clamato which is a juice created by the drink manufacturer Mott’s. The tomato and clam juice mix is often used in Bloody Marys and other alcoholic beverages.


The clam juice is mainly just for taste or color addition but it actually has some antioxidants and health benefits. As legend has it, a shot of clam juice a day will help strengthen your immune system and lower your risks of common infections. However, since no scientific studies have been done to test this, we cannot confirm nor deny whether or not it works. It is definitely worth a try since it is a natural way without any harmful side effects like medication will have.


Clam juice has even been used in the preparation of some beers. The Chelada from Budweiser is extremely popular and used the tomato-clam mixture that was mentioned above. For many the thought of tomato or even clams mixed in with your beer turns them off, but it is a surprisingly good taste. It almost resembled a Bloody Mary that was prepared with beer instead of your preferred liquor. You can find an abundant of uses for clams and their juice online or by asking for chefs. People who are well traveled may also have some great suggestions so even try posting a forum or blog post for more ideas.



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