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Making Cocktails with a Lime

A lime is a simple green fruit that belongs to the citrus family. It is also a very key ingredient in many cocktails around the globe for adding a little kick, a garnish as well as being the staple to the whole drink. You can slice it, quarter it, grate it or juice it behind the bar and it will be very well respected no matter what kind of liquor you mix it with.

Squeeze a Lime, Make a Margarita

There is no margarita in the world that can be made without the help of a lime. You need it for the sweet and sour juice that is the basis for the margarita. You can make the basis of this juice very easily. If you plan on making a pitcher of margaritas for a sunny day by the beach, all you need is:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice

The lemon and lime juice can be obtained one of two ways. The first is the easy way – head to the grocery store and buy a bottle of each. The fresher way, though, is to get about a dozen of each and squeeze your own. Once you have the juices, you mix it into the water and the sugar to give you the basis for your margaritas.

Now that you have a delicious juice for the cocktail, you can decide to make the drink frozen or on the rocks. The same ingredients are used but one requires the use of a blender. Add the sweet and sour juice, tequila, a shot of Triple Sec (or Grand Marnier) and ice. Once you've blended it or poured it into the glass, you want to go ahead and garnish the drink with a lime wheel, too.

Garnish your Beer with a Lime

If you don't want to make cocktails because you either don't have the ingredients or simply don't want something with hard alcohol, you can still utilize the lime. There are many lagers that are great by themselves but when you add a wedge of lime to the bottle to squeeze inside, the drink comes alive more than any other drink you have ever had.


Corona is one of the most common beers that use a lime but almost every Mexican lager that you can find in the grocery store (or neighborhood bar) is going to taste great with this fruit added to it. When you are cutting the lime, make sure that you cut it lengthwise so that you get the best shape. Use a paring knife to get to any seeds because getting a seed in your mouth with a sip of beer is a sure way to ruin your drinking experience. When you cut lengthwise and then once more, it is the perfect shape to go right inside the neck of the bottle. You can either squeeze it in there and discard the peel or shove the whole thing in the bottle to sit in there until it's empty.

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