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Lemon Wedge

How Good Is a Lemon Wedge?

A lemon is an acidic citrus fruit. Lemons are said to have originated from China and it is also said that lemonade was a favorite of most Chinese Emperors. It is also said that during those days the lemon was mostly used for bleaching and also an external and internal astringent. A Lemon wedge is a section of the lemon cut lengthwise.

How to Cut a Lemon Wedge

A full lemon can be cut into several wedges. To get a perfect lemon wedge you will require a sharp kitchen knife and a chopping board. Before you start cutting the wedges you should rinse the lemon skin thoroughly. You will then start by cutting off the nub end on both sides of your lemon. Then place the lemon flat on your board with the right side facing up and then cut it in half lengthwise. You can then cut the two halves in half lengthwise again so that you now have four pieces of the original lemon. You will cut the quarters in more halves horizontally to come up with your wedges.

What Are The Uses Of A Lemon Wedge?

The lemon wedge can be used as a home remedy to help you get rid of orange from your sunless tan product. You will need to squeeze the wedge on to the area of your body that you wish to treat. You can then rub the area for a few minutes and later rinse it with cool water. It is important that you repeat this process with the wedge for a number of times. It is recommended that you repeat the process for about four times. After the fourth time, you can rinse it off with warm water. You should not allow the squeeze to fall to any other part of the body. You can also use your wedge as a preservative by squeezing some amount into your fruit salads. This keeps your salads fresh for a much longer time.

You can also use a lemon wedge as an all round tile and sink cleaner. To get this you will require mixing baking soda, lemon juice squeezed from the wedge, salt to come up with the detergent paste. You should then add this to your regular liquid soap and use it to scrub your basins, tiles, bathtubs and sinks. In case you have any stubborn stains, you can make use of juice squeezed from a wedge. It is effective and also safe on your fabrics.

The Lemon Wedge and Your Hair

You can give your hair natural looking highlights by using juice from a lemon wedge. This you will use to coat a few strands of your hair and then expose it to sunlight. It will not be necessary to apply all your hair with this juice. You can also use it as a hair treatment in case your hair develops a problem like a styling product build up. In such a case, you will need to mix some juice from the wedge with water which you will use to rinse off the hair.


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