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How Effective Is Lemon Detoxification?

A lemon is a bright yellow colored citrus fruit though it is also possible to see some that are greenish yellow in color. This fruit is usually green when unripe. It is oval in shape and has a smooth porous skin. It is common to see some fruits which have a bottom with a pointed tip while others have a rounded base. There fruits come in different sizes mostly depending on the climatic conditions of their regions of origin. It is alright to eat it in its fruit form or better still you can make juice.

What Is Lemon Detoxification?

Lemon detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from your body with the help of this fruit. This removal of toxins will take place through the skin and intestines. It is a good practice that you should go through once in a while since it helps keep your body in good shape. During the detoxification period you should avoid taking of any foods that are chemical rich. Thereafter you should only take foods rich in oil and fat in moderation. If you have decided to go through this detoxification, it is advisable that you get rid of some of the things that you love that are not beneficial to your body. You should avoid the consumption of solid foods as much as possible. The optimum period of this detoxification will not take you more than two weeks though you can continue for as long as you like.

Effectiveness of the Lemon Detox

The lemon detox diet is liked by many people due to its effectiveness in cleansing and as an aid to weight loss. The effectiveness of this diet is accelerated by the sour taste in this fruit which helps the gallbladder and liver to flush out any toxins that have accumulated in your body with time. Remember when there are toxins in your body, it will be very hard for the liver to metabolize fat.

When to Take the Lemon Detox

If you are taking a lemon for the sole purpose of detoxification, it is advisable that you take it in juice form. It is recommended that you take at least one cup of warm juice early in the morning. For you to see best results of this diet, it is a good practice to take at least 6-9 glasses of this detox juice daily. This is the best time for your body’s cleansing process. However it is advisable to include herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables for a more thorough detoxification process.

Other Health Benefits Of the Lemon

The lemon is also beneficial in the treatment of dental related problems, constipation, throat infections, indigestions, fever and internal bleeding. You can also successfully treat cholera, rheumatism; skin related conditions, respiratory disorders, boost your immunity and several other diseases with this fruit. The list of diseases that can effectively be treated with this fruit is endless. This fruit is a blood purifier and it also contains nourishing elements for example carbohydrates, proteins, phosphorous and vitamins B and C. All the above shows that the consumption of this fruit and its juice should never be taken for granted.


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