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Lemon Peel

The Lemon Peel and Its Many Functions

A lemon peel is the rind of a lemon fruit. It is greenish in color when the fruit is not ripe but turns a bright yellowish color when the fruit is ripe. This fruit grows on relatively small thorny trees that go to a height of 10-20ft. These peels can be eaten raw in their natural form to take advantage of their many nutrients. The peel can also be dried and then used in salad dressing, dips and even in yogurt. This adds a lemony flavor to whatever the peels are added into. The peel is very beneficial to people who are trying to loose weight since they only add flavor and no calories to the recipe.

The Lemon Peel and Acne

If you are suffering from acne, you should not worry because you are not alone. Millions of other people are suffering form this irritating problem. This is a dermatological nightmare that keeps haunting many people and especially women. Did you know that the lemon peel is very effective in treating acne? You should start using these peels which are relatively affordable. With this treatment, you are at no danger of most of the very harmful formulas and medications that are used in the treatment of acne. They are a natural cleanser that will clear your skin within no time. They are also a natural form of treatment and you have everything to gain from it and nothing to loose since it does not have any side effects.

The lemon peel works by eliminating any excess oil from your face which is responsible for acne. The acid in lemons plays a very important role of dissolving any dead skin cells. It will also give you an even tone which is the desire of everyone suffering from acne. The end result will be an excellent lighter skin.

The Preventive Nature of the Lemon Peel

The lemon peel also contains preventive qualities that ensure that once you have treated the acne, there is no danger any more breakouts. However, use the peels for only two times in a week. An overuse of these peels could be harmful due to the acid that they contain. People with sensitive skins need to consult a practitioner before embarking on this treatment.

The Lemon Peel as a Safe Pesticide

You no longer have to use pesticides that accelerate aging due to the chemicals that they contain. Stay away from serious health problems by using the now effective and safe alternative pesticide that uses the lemon peel as an effective repellent. These peels have acid that is a natural repellent especially to ants, insects and even pests. The natural scent of lemon is an enemy to all the above. You can use the dried peels in your kitchen and anywhere else that you think these irritants visit. Since it is not possible to get these peels in the supermarket, you should make them at home which is a very simple process. As much as possible you need to make use of unblemished lemons that have no mold or any soft spots.

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