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Black Berry

Blackberry – Rubus fruticosus

This soft fruit is used to make a large variation of jellies, jams, desserts and even wine, since blackberries form hybrids easily there are a large variation of different kinds of blackberry. After looking through the stomach of an over 2500 year old human corpse, evidence has been found of human consumption of the blackberry for thousands of years. Even the blackberry shrub bear flowers who can be used to make honey, the flowers grow to about 2-3 centimeters in diameter and with five white or pale pink petals.

Grows where it's warm and dry

The petals of the blackberry flower are also used as food by some caterpillars and grazing animals such as deer. Most of the blackberry species grown in dry and warm areas with high sun exposure and they require a mild climate, which is why they are often found in northern coastal areas. The blackberry is a plant mainly cultivated in the state of Oregon in the United States which is the largest area of blackberry produce in the world with over 7000 acres producing over 42 million pounds every year. They are a well known and widespread group with several hundred different species and hybrids and they are thought to be originated from the temperate part of the Northern Hemisphere and South America.


Blackberries are known for their high levels of fiber, vitamin C and K, manganese and folic acid, which is a kind of B vitamin and they also rank in the top 1000 among fruits for their high antioxidant strength. In some parts of the world such as Australia, Chile, New Zealand and the pacific Northwest of the United states, some species of the plant has become naturalised and is considered a weed. Blackberries are together with cranberries and raspberries called caneberries or brambles. The berry part of the blackberry is according to botan

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