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Using Mango in Your Favorite Frozen Cocktail

There are a lot of ways to use mango in cocktails. One of the most common ways is to cube it up with a few other ingredients and toss it inside of a blender with some ice and make a frozen cocktail. The ingredients that you choose are entirely up to you, though there are some tried and true combinations that you may want to try before you go creating concoctions on your own.

The Mango in the Blender

Once you've cubed up the mango (either use fresh or find it already cut and in a can), then toss it in the blender. At this point, you have the option of adding a few different kinds of liquor to the pitcher.

  • Vodka
  • Light Rum
  • Tequila

If you add vodka, it is basically going to be a frozen martini. You can add light rum and call it a daiquiri, which is probably the most common way to make mango into a cocktail. Should you decide tequila is the way to go, then you are welcome to call it a frozen margarita – especially if you use a little sweet & sour mix in the blender, too.

Variations Using the Flavor of a Mango

You can make all sorts of cocktails with the flavor of a mango without ever actually cutting into a mango. You may need to do some hunting around for these great ingredients but once you find them, they make for excellent cocktails.


The first is a mango flavored rum. You can find these in the Caribbean and if your local liquor store doesn't carry it, look for a liquor store online to ship it to you. You can add this flavored rum to any number of liquids for a delicious kick. Adding it to club soda allows you to benefit from the flavor of the rum without ruining it with other flavors. You can also add it to a daiquiri where you've already added fresh mangoes and you'll get a real "pop" of enhanced flavor because the rum is going to bring out the freshness of the fruit for a taste that you will want to drink all day and night.


The next ingredient is mango juice. You can find this in the Latin section of your grocery store and can be a fabulous tool for making all sorts of cocktails. You can treat it just like you would orange or grapefruit juice and add a shot of rum to it. You may also decide to make a Mango Mimosa, which is a great morning cocktail. It is just like the standard mimosa except instead of adding orange juice to the champagne, you will use mango juice. It is a delicious flavor that you should certainly try on your next Sunday brunch if you can find the juice.

Experiment with different combinations using the flavored rum and the juice. Put them in a blender, serve them on the rocks or shake them in a cocktail shaker. The choice is yours.

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