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Vodka Vanilla

Vodka vanilla is just one of the many flavors that vodka distilleries are adding to their vodka to become more unique. It offers a dessert-like quality to an already delicious vodka that can be enjoyed alone or mixed with various other cocktails. Before flavored vodkas were made, the flavors would have to be added artificially and many wouldn't enjoy the drink as much.

What Makes Vodka Vanilla Special

There is something special about vodka vanilla. It brings in a velvety smooth taste that takes out a lot of the bite regular vodka has. The vanilla flavor makes the vodka great for dessert drinks as well as in dessert recipes. If vanilla were to be added in before vodka companies changed the distilling process and began infusing flavors, an extract would have been used to get the flavor.


There are many companies that offer a vanilla flavored vodka including Absolut. Regardless of which brand you buy the vodka vanilla from, you will have a wide variety of applications for the drink.

You will be able to find vodka vanilla in:

  • Liquor stores
  • Restaurants
  • Online shops

Liquor stores will commonly sell the vodka because it is popular and a little unique. You will be able to find it in the same section as regular vodka is sold, along with the other flavors that the store sells.

Many restaurants don't serve flavored vodkas, yet many will have this vodka. The reason for this is because it will go uniquely well with chocolate to make for a delicious dessert drink.

If you cannot find the vanilla flavored vodka anywhere else, you will be able to find it online. This is because online liquor stores specialize in variety. Many will have more flavors than you knew existed as well as many companies that you didn't even know made vodka. This will give you the variety you wanted as well as the price you wanted to pay.

Drink Recipes with Vodka Vanilla

There are many recipes that vodka vanilla can be used in. They are primarily dessert drinks, however you are only limited by your creativity.

A chocolate martini can be made with equal parts of vanilla vodka and Godiva liqueur. These ingredients get added into a cocktail shaker and then strained into a martini glass. The garnish is typically a cherry.

The vodka will also go very nicely with amaretto, cream liqueurs and Chambord. The creativity ends with you. This means that you can choose to go with a tried and true recipe or create one on your own. Anything that you would mix with vanilla, you would be able to mix with this flavor of vodka.


Vodka vanilla is a unique flavor that is unlike any other liquor on the market. Its versatility makes for a great after-dinner drink because of how it pairs with sweeter flavors. While many people don't like heavy desserts like cake and pie after dinner, many can't pass up a dessert martini that's been made with a vanilla flavored vodka.

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