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Vodka, Orange

Each and every vodka distillery that sells vodka to the public is proud of their vodka. However that is not enough for many of them anymore. Now they have gone above and beyond making vodka by infusing many different flavors into their regular vodka. This can be anything from fruity to spicy as well as some very bizarre flavors. The vodka orange is one of the most popular of all of the flavors because of the versatility.

Cocktails with Vodka Orange

Vodka orange has a very unique flavor and can give any cocktail a little kick of orange without having to use juice or syrup to obtain it. Any cocktail you would have ordinarily made with orange juice you can now use the vodka to either enhance the flavor or to substitute in altogether.

If you've got a great tasting orange flavored vodka, then you can enjoy it simply over ice with a splash of carbonated soda. You can also make various cocktails with it.


An orange martini can be made by adding two shots of vodka, an ounce of orange juice and an ounce of triple sec to a shaker with ice. When you strain the drink into a martini glass you can then garnish with an orange slice.

Another great drink to make with the vodka is a Creamsicle. Just like the dessert you enjoyed as a child, you can turn it into an adult beverage. One part each of orange flavored vodka and triple sec can be added with two parts each of orange juice and cream and then mixed together with ice and strained into a cocktail glass.

Where to Buy Vodka Orange

There are many places that you can buy vodka orange. These include:

  • Liquor shops
  • Online liquor stores
  • High-end restaurants

Liquor shops around town will be a great place to look for vodka orange. Many vodka brands are offering an orange flavor and so it will not be a matter of whether your liquor store will have the flavor but whether it will be the brand that you were hoping for. When so many companies offer orange flavored vodka, you will need to check out everything that is available and either choose based upon a favorite brand or upon price.


Online liquor stores will give you more variety because they can afford to do so because of the reduced overhead costs. These stores will have many different brands, including many that you may have never even heard of. Some of the different brands may also include other flavors of oranges than just the standard naval orange. These flavors will include blood orange, tangerine and mandarin.


High-end restaurants are employing mixologists more and more to create pairings with their entrees and desserts. Infused vodkas are employed in these cocktails and so a vodka orange will be a part of their repertoire.

A bottle of vodka orange at your home can give you many different choices for drinks. You will not only need to decide on the brand that you are going to but also the flavor of orange that you want inside of your vodka. Depending upon these choices may open or close opportunities for different drinks.

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