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Vodka Lingon

Learning About Vodka Lingon

If you've looked at the shelves of your local liquor store recently, you may have noticed that the varieties of flavored vodkas have increased significantly. There is no such thing as "just vodka" anymore. As drinks and martinis have increased in popularity, so has the number of brands of vodka and the amount of flavors that are available. The flavors are no longer limited to strawberry and lemon and apple anymore. They have expanded into the exotics. Vodka lingon is one of the exotic flavors that you may have seen.

What Vodka Lingon Is

Vodka lingon is a vodka that has been infused with the lingonberry to create a very crisp, slightly sweet vodka. The lingon is a member of the cranberry family and will take on many of the same characteristics. It is not a common berry seen in the United States, rather over in Europe. As a result, the likelihood of seeing vodka lingon in your local restaurant bar is unlikely.


Vodka companies are constantly increasing their repertoire of flavors. As they run out of the basics, they begin to go to the extreme. Meanwhile other, more local distilleries are using this opportunity to bring favorite fruits into light that have rarely been seen. This is the case with the lingonberry.


The infused vodka won't be available by every vodka company. Maybe two brands currently make it. If you want to try the vodka lingon, you're going to have to look for it a little bit.

  • Local liquor store
  • Online stores

You may want to try your local liquor store if it's a large one. The larger the store, the better chance you've got finding the vodka. The problem is that there are so many flavors of vodkas that stores need to be selective about what they bring in. Since many have not heard of the lingonberry, consumers will often miss out.

That doesn't mean you can't get it, though. Online liquor stores cater towards the rare and the extreme. You should be able to find at least one brand that carries the vodka.

What You Can Do with Vodka Lingon

Vodka lingon will taste very similar to the cranberry so you can use this flavor profile to your advantage. It can be easily paired with any soda water or lemon-lime soda over ice to just let the flavor stand out on its own.

A common drink made with the vodka is a Little Red Riding Hood. You will use one part of the vodka to two parts of grape tonic. Serve it over ice with a slice of an orange.


Once you get your hands on a bottle of vodka lingon, you can try out the flavors on your own. Pour a small amount into a glass. Close your eyes and smell it. Then go ahead and taste it, letting it sit on your tongue for a moment. Now step behind your bar and try to create something wonderful and unique with it. The flavors are very identifiable so you will have no problem making a delicious cocktail from it.


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