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Vodka Cranberry

Vodka cranberry is a delicious vodka that has been infused with the flavors of cranberry that provides for a unique new flavor to be mixed into cocktails or enjoyed by itself. The extra flavor can enhance a classic cocktail or simply allow you to omit an extra ingredient from the recipe. More and more vodka companies are adding new flavors to the shelves of the liquor store every day, so it's nice to see a very classic flavor available.

Drink Recipes with Vodka Cranberry

The recipes for vodka cranberry are often very simple because the sweet, crisp flavor can stand on its own so well. A chilled shot of the infused vodka can go wonderfully over ice with lemon-lime soda and then served with a lime wheel. Just as many people used to drink vodka and cranberry juice, they can enjoy the same great flavor without all of the juice and just a little more bite.


Vodka cranberry also makes an excellent Cosmopolitan. The vodka can be substituted for the regular stuff or you can do a mixture of the flavored and the standard. The vodka, mixed with a shot of Triple Sec and then a dash of cranberry juice, shaken together in a cocktail shaker can make for a Cosmo that you won't soon forget.

The combinations with vodka cranberry are endless. If you enjoy creating your own drinks, this is an easy one to do that with. Keep the bottle chilled as it will taste better cold rather than room temperature, unless you are planning on shaking it over ice before serving it. You can mix it with fruit juices, other vodkas and even some of the other flavors of vodka to create a tropical fruit taste to your alcoholic beverage. The creative aspects are completely up to you.

Finding Vodka Cranberry

You will be able to find several different brands that make a vodka cranberry. Absolut and Three Olives are just a few of the brands that are quickly getting into some of the infused vodkas and so you will likely be able to start there.


Since cranberry is a flavor that everyone has heard of, you will usually be able to find it right at your local liquor store. It will be along the aisle with all of the other vodkas. Depending upon the size of your liquor store you may even need to ask for the help of the clerk because the flavors are getting larger and larger every day.

Make Your Own Vodka With Cranberry Flavor

You may even choose to make your own vodka cranberry. You can do so by getting some fresh cranberries. These are freshest in the fall, so a visit to your farmer's market will produce some ripe ones. Pour them into a pitcher with a bottle of vodka and let them soak for a day or two in the fridge. The longer they sit in the vodka, the more of the cranberry flavor you will be able to taste. You can amaze friends by getting out the vodka and making them a special drink that you created.


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