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Vodka Pepper

Enjoying Vodka Pepper

Many of the infused vodkas that are hitting the market are fruity. Vodka Pepper is one of the exceptions. This spicier play on vodka is quickly finding a niche market amongst those who want to play with the way it can pair with culinary cuisines as well as those who don't want a bunch of fruit hanging out of their cocktail glass.

Where You Will See Vodka Pepper

One of the first vodkas to produce a vodka pepper was Absolut, however it is being seen by more and more companies as vodka distilleries look to branch out into the world of infused vodkas. Many liquor stores will stock the vodka along with their other flavored vodkas. It is not the most common one because many people simply don't know what to do with it.


The people who do know what to do with it are some of the more modern, high-end restaurants. Cocktail pairing is becoming very popular and restaurants are employing mixologists to create cocktails to go with many of the entrees that are being served. When these specialty drinks are created, vodka pepper is often employed because it will tie into a dish perfectly. The pairing works in the same way that wine pairings are suggested. Just as some wines have a fruity flavor and others are spicier, the same thing is what makes this vodka so effective.


Once you've had a drink with vodka pepper in it, you will probably enjoy it immensely. If your local liquor store doesn't have it, then you will have to head online to get it. Many online stores will sell the more "unique" flavors of vodka so that you can add it to your bar.

How to Enjoy Vodka Pepper

Vodka Pepper cannot be added to just any cocktail. It is a more complex, spicier liquor so you won't be able to add it to fruit juices or anything sweet and expect it to taste right.

One of the best ways to enjoy vodka pepper is inside of a Bloody Mary. V8 juice or tomato juice with this delicious vodka added inside will surely tantalize the taste buds. You won't need the extra shot of tobacco sauce that is common in Bloody Marys because this already has the kick that you need.


The vodka can also be used as an aperitif or turned into a shot to be enjoyed in between meals. Especially when you can find some of the different flavored salts to rim the shot glass (such as tomato flavored salt) it can be just what you need to cleanse your palate before going onto a new entrée.


There are many ways to use the spicier vodka if you use your imagination. You can use it in cooking instead of adding wines and mix it into all sorts of cocktails. While you won't be able to make a daiquiri or anything fruity with it, the drink that you do create will likely be one of sophistication. And probably one that your friends will need to become accustomed to.


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