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Vodka alone is perhaps one of the most flexible and useful forms of alcohol available, being able to be used with nearly any different mixed drink possible, and when you add lime to the mix, you get a drink combination that is unbeatable. Lime vodka is very popular in a standard form, however there are several different ways that you can mix it up into a cocktail or other mixed drink and amaze your bar patrons or your friends.


One of the most delightful forms of lime vodka, especially during the summer months and in places that boast a higher average temperature, is the chilled lime vodka. Essentially it is a smoothie, containing shaved ice, the outer skin of the lime decoratively cut, or simply a lime wedge, and the lime vodka. Sure to entertain all guests at any occasion, this drink is great at helping you cool off and relax.


Another great mixed drink containing lime is vodka limeade. Similar to lemonade, limeade is comprised of lime juice coupled with sugar to create a delicious and refreshing beverage. If you mix the right amount of freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar (whether it is in the form of sugar cubes, pure sugar cane, or regular white granulated sugar), vodka, and several ice cubes, you have an unmatched mixed drink rich in both taste and style.


Picking the right drink is essential to keeping your night relaxed and fun, as getting a wrong blend of even the right ingredients can ruin the mood. Lime vodka is able to help your body relax and remove tension, as well as giving you the feeling of being on a tropical and exotic vacation. Nothing beats the taste of lime, and when added to extremely popular alcohol, vodka, it provides you with right mix of happiness and smooth drinking capabilities.


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